Slimrite – Lifestyle Diet

Castleland Community Centre Slimrite - Lifestyle Diet

We are here to give support to those who find dieting on their own difficult. Members find that the weekly weigh in not only helps keep their eating under control, but seeing other members lose weight tends to spur them on. The diet is simple to follow, and members achieve excellent weight losses.


Castleland Community Centre Slimrite - Lifestyle Diet

Slimrite is a local independent Slimming Club, run by Slimming Consultant Christine Thomson.

Key information

  • Exclusive Calorie Counted Lifestyle Diet
  • Total 1st night Fee £12. Thereafter £4 weekly

Meetings are relaxed and informal. A friendly group for all ages, which provides advice and group support to help you lose weight at your fastest personal rate.

Slimrite‘s calorie controlled diet plan is easy to follow- you simply select the meals and ‘extras’ from a wide choice. You don’t have to work anything out.

No weights are ever disclosed when being weighed in. Come and lose weight with us.