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Advocacy Services @ Castleland

As part of our continuous effort to improve advocacy reach for people in our area, we’ve been forming collaborative relationships with local support agencies to run free surgeries alongside our popular and well attended FoodShare project every Wednesday.

The aim with this has been to create a neutral convenient location for both attendees and organisations that helps reduce the barriers that may otherwise interfere with those two parties connecting with each other.

There can sometimes be a considerable wait for service users to collect their Food, which is why we also continue to provide a “Warm Space” waiting room alongside the project.

It is hoped that during this waiting period and with increased familiarity over time, that people will feel more comfortable / willing to simply pop across the hall to a support service surgery, if they would otherwise not be willing to attend a more formal workshop or support group.

So far the feedback from both the attendees and organisations alike has been very positive, so much so that we’ve added extra rooms to accommodate a wider variety of services that cover different problems / target different audiences.

Below are some of the outreach services that are regularly running each Wednesday from the Centre:


CAVDAS exists to ensure that every individual receives the necessary support, information, and advice concerning their own or someone else’s drug and alcohol use.

They adopt a ‘No wrong door’ approach, meaning that regardless of how and when individuals reach out with concerns about drug and alcohol issues, the organization is equipped to provide appropriate help.

Part of their arsenal to combat these issues is to perform outreach alongside Castleland’s FoodShare and other services to provide confidential support, safe distribution of sterile needles, syringes and all the equipment required for safer injecting.

They also can admnister / provide Naloxone, which rapidly reverse an opiate overdose and can quickly bring someone’s breathing back to normal when it has slowed or stopped because of an opioid, such as certain prescription medication or heroin, from their accompanying safe space “Tim” the Harm Reduction Van.

Every age group can attend the outreach, contact them directly or through a professional referral.

Nicole and Laura of CAVDAS in “Tim” the Harm Reduction Van @ Castleland
CAVDAS Information

We’re open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (except Bank Holidays) and you can get in touch with us the way that suits you:

CAB Logo

The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice, and by influencing policymakers.

A face to face, generalist advice service run from Castleland. This includes detailed and specific advice on the issue(s) affecting the client. It may include assistance to the client in completion of forms or drafting of correspondence, the provision of sample letters or other self-help material and guidance or one-off negotiations on the client’s behalf (and with appropriate authorisation).

The service can cover casework activity such as ongoing correspondence and ongoing negotiation with third parties too.

Citizens Advice Information

We provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. Citizens Advice values diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination.


Communities For Work is actively working to strengthen its connection with the community by providing opportunities for community members to participate in shaping the organization’s activities. They recognize the importance of both online and traditional engagement methods, striving for inclusivity and accessibility.

To that end they have run a regular outreach service at Castleland tackling a variety of different work related topics and providing advice and onsite assistance to help get people back to work, improve their work prospects and deal with work related issues.

Typical weekly schedule for C4W outreach services in the Vale
Communities For Work Information

Communities for work Plus is a voluntary project, where we can offer 1-2-1 help, support and guidance on job search, CV’s, application forms, interview skills and training. 


St Athan Clothes Bank started as an idea from Paul Carr’s son Callum, who in 2021 decided to collect shoes and coats from locals for redistribution to people who needed them. Fast foward a few months and they managed to get a permanent base in the Gathering Place at St Athan and the aspiring project has only grown from there.

Now thanks to a Big Lottery Grant they have been able to expand their service to allow for locations outside of their primary area. One of the new locations picked was Castleland and at the end of 2023 we piloted a scheme alongside our warm space which went extremely well – so much so we decided to give them a place every week for our attendees to access.

Callum and the team setting up ready for FoodShare
St Athan Clothes Bank

St Athan clothes bank is a community group of people who volunteer their time to help collect, sought and put on FREE local clothes banks for communities in great need.


We have also had infrequent pop up advice surgeries from Eon Energy and Welsh Water to give advice on the different opportunities there are for saving money aswell as subsidies and financial assistance schemes available to customers that they may not be aware of.

Overall, frequenters of the centre have been quite pleased with the support services they’ve been able to access and we too have been happy that we can help in whatever ways we can to bring those services closer to the people that need them.

We are always looking for ways to improve our services and are open to suggestions for adding other advocacy groups to run alongside our community projects as well as ways we can improve those collaborations.

The Castleland Team

If you represent an organisation or have a recommendation for an advice/support group you think would work well alongside ofr Warm Space / Foodshare, please let us know below

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