Happy Xmas

From Everyone At Castleland

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Sat 23rd Dec

Wed Jan 3rd


Sat 23rd Dec

Wed Jan 3rd



Wed Jan 10th

Signing off Another Great Year

Another year gone in the calendar, another year of various groups, projects and developments.

We’d very much like to thank our usergroups for their continued support with the centre. Thank you for choosing us as your venue of choice and for providing valuable activities for the community to attend.

We would also very much like to thank the various organisations newer and older that have helped us in a variety of ways. Whether it was signposting, giving us access to resources or funding us directly, everything that you guys contribute helps make us what we are, and we don’t ever want to not acknowledge that.

So with that said, In no particular order:

The National Lottery Fund, Vale of Glamorgan Council, Glamorgan Voluntary Services, Trusthouse, Moondance, Comic Relief, Magic Little Grants, Newydd, Family Information Service, Garfield Foundation, Oakdale, Avian Gardening Services, Waterloo Foundation, Barry Town Council, Cavdas, Citizen’s Advice, Vale Communities For Work, Greggs, Tescos, Co-op, Morrisons Community Champion, St Athan’s Clothes Bank, FareShare Cymru.

And last but absolutely not least, the best volunteers we could ever want:

Nadine, Carol, Dave, Sue, Rose, Pam, Bernadette and Martin

Thank you for being awesome as always and enjoy the gifts!

Wrap Up

We hope everyone has an enoyable festive period and look forward to seeing you in the new year, and feel free to drop us a message or query about different activities you’d like to see in the centre and we’ll look into sourcing a way to make it happen.

If you have any non urgent queries you can email us using this contact form or leave us a voicemail at 01446701285.

If you have an urgent building query please telephone Vale Buildings (01446 747874).

The Castleland Team

Book Your Group / Party for 2024 Now!

If you are looking to book any kind of activity next year or are just looking to get your party venue booked early, you can still do this over the Xmas period using our automated booking system.

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