Changes At Castleland

Just a little update to let people know about some of the Building changes we’ve made to Castleland based on user feedback and internal discussions amongst the committee.

Upstairs Baby Changing Unit

This one seems really obvious when you think about it (We still can’t remember why it was left off the original refurb design)

This should make it much easier for the parents attending groups and parties to deal with baby changing, with the unit downstairs accessible as a spillover or backup for when upstairs is occupied.

Many thanks to Professional Hygiene for providing and installing the unit and to VoG for helping us with the funding.

Lancelot is now a Multipurpose Room

Due to a number of factors we’ve decided to retire our old IT Suite and turn it into another multipurpose meeting / activity room for the centre.

Lancelot’s new design as a meeting room
Lancelot previously was an IT Suite

IT Suites have become a lot more redundant over the years with the increase in mobile computing devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and notebooks, coupled with cloud access services allowing you to take your data (and even workstations) with you whereever you go.

With an increase in demand for more spaces to accomodate increased advocacy groups and to allow more bookings on popular days of the week, it made sense for us to take this action as the room was already underutilised.

If you would like to book Lancelot for a group activity or meeting just click the button below

Book using QR codes

We have added these QR Codes in each hireable room to make it easier for group runners or attendees to quickly book/check availability of the room they’re in by using a method that has become quite popular for menu ordering, booking onto events, covid tests etc.

A lot easier than typing out a website address we think

For those unfamiliar, you simply point your camera at the code and follow your phone’s instructions to open the link (it may do so automatically, or ask for your interaction – each phone is different).

That’s pretty much it for now, although we are looking into other improvements, one of which is adding a Dog Poo bag dispenser in Belevdere Park as it has grown in popularity amongst dog owners.

Until next time, thanks again for your continued support.

The Castleland Team

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