• Healthy Hearts Social Group

    • Next Session: Tuesday 27th June

      Camelot (Small Hall)
      Enquire within  

      Colin Burgess  

      01446 404397  

      Come down for coffee and a chat with like minded people, join in social events and stay for the exercise session after.
  • Craft Club

    • Next Session: Wednesday 5th July

      Camelot (Small Hall)
      Contact Maggie for Details   

      Maggie Pepper   

      07757 152291  


      Have fun and meet like minded people while showing off your crafting skills at Castleland. Wednesdays 7.30pm - 9.30pm Fortnightly.
  • Friday Club – Movie Day

    • Next Session: Tuesday 1st August

      Camelot (Small Hall)

      Lyndsey Hughes  

      01446 403549  


      All Friday club members are welcome to come and watch the new Beauty and the Beast movie at Castleland Community Centre on the 1st August.
  • Anita’s Theatre School

    • Next Session: Saturday 9th September

      Camelot (Small Hall)
      £12.50 Per week  

      Anita Hodgkins  

      07968 701355  


      A group for young people that teaches dance and all other aspects of theatre

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