• Craft Club

    • Next Session: Wednesday 24th May

      Camelot (Small Hall)
      Contact Maggie for Details   

      Maggie Pepper   

      07757 152291  


      A crafting group for people of all ages and skills. Held every other Wednesday 7.30pm – 9.30pm.…
  • Anita’s Theatre School

    • Next Session: Saturday 27th May

      Camelot (Small Hall)
      £12.50 Per week  

      Anita Hodgkins  

      07968 701355  


      A group for young people that teaches dance and all other aspects of theater…
  • Healthy Hearts Social Group

    • Next Session: Tuesday 6th June

      Camelot (Small Hall)
      Enquire within  

      Colin Burgess  

      01446 404397  

      The group provide support to people who are health conscious and want to live a healthier lifestyle as well as holding exercise classes to assist in this endeavour. Add…
  • Friday Club – Movie Day

    • Next Session: Tuesday 1st August

      Camelot (Small Hall)
      Lyndsey Hughes  

      01446 403549  


      Details Pending…

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