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  • Castleland Community Centre Closed for Bank Holiday

    Closed for Bank Holiday

    After #FridayClub tonight, we will be closed for the #bankholiday weekend. We will reopen on Wednesday 29th May and #FareShare should be running as normal. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  • Castleland Community Centre Easter Raffle Winners!

    Easter Raffle Winners!

    We’ve just drawn our #Easter Raffle for 2019, the winners and their prizes are listed if you follow the link in this post. We have contacted the participants and would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part! Happy Easter everyone!

  • Castleland Community Centre Laughter Therapy at Castleland? (POLL)

    Laughter Therapy at Castleland? (POLL)

    We have been approached by a “Laughter Therapist” interested in running sessions here at Castleland. We think this is a great idea and would love feedback on our poll to see if there’s a demand for it in Barry. #laughter #therapy #wellbeing4u

  • Castleland Community Centre Welcome to our new booking system

    Welcome to our new booking system

    Our new #booking system is finally ready. Online payments, booking tracking and real-time availability are all included. Want to check if a room is available? No problem. Want to pay over the phone instead of having to come to the centre? Got you covered. Check it out now.