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  • Castleland Community Centre We are back and taking bookings.

    We are back and taking bookings.

    Hello everyone! Thanks very much for your patience during this unprecedented time. We are now allowed to begin taking bookings again. You can read more about what we can and can’t provide for at the link.

  • Castleland Community Centre Food Share Update @ Castleland

    Food Share Update @ Castleland

    We have posted an update on our site regarding how #foodshare has been operating during the lockdown. This also includes information on what to expect when it returns. Thanks for your patience, and stay safe! #covid19 #fareshare

  • Castleland Community Centre Castleland Update (June 2020)

    Castleland Update (June 2020)

    Just a little update from us at Castleland. No hard dates yet as to when we can reopen, but we are looking at ways we can do so safely. If you could fill our feedback form and share this post as much as you can so we can look to address the concerns of group leaders and attendees during these uncertain times, we’d really appreciate it. Stay safe everyone!