Castleland Building Outside ITV

FoodShare on ITV

As part of a wider look at the issues facing the Vale Of Glamorgan in the run up to the General Election, Castleland’s Foodshare project was featured briefly on ITVs 6pm news and in a longer segment on their Sharp End show.

Castleland Building Outside ITV
Gwennan Campbell in snippet from the ITV news segment July 2nd 6pm (Click image to watch)

A synopsis of the Sharp End episode can be found below as well as a link to watch the Sharp End segment.

Chaos for the Conservatives in Wales and seats still too close to call – our panel of pundits crunch the numbers from our latest poll.

It’s an area that traditionally reflects the views of the nation, but have the parties done enough to win over voters in the Vale of Glamorgan?

The cost of living crisis is on everyone’s mind and we appeciated ITV visiting us and giving a voice to some of the people mostly affected by it whilst also shining a light on the support offered by various Food Poverty services in order to help alleviate the strain.

With polling stations open tomorrow, hopefully whoever wins the vote doesn’t forget that there are real people behind these statistics and they need help now more than ever.

The Castleland Team

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