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New Website Launch!

We have finally launched a much needed brand new website built from the ground up, that is a lot faster, clearer and integrated with our hiring services to make booking, paying and finding out information at Castleland a lot smoother and easier.

We’ve highlighted the main points below. Expand the toggles to see the content.

In a post-covid world we have implemented these changes to enable a better experience for the community and customers to allow for the quick adaptation to any work environment changes or additional requirements that may affect our day to day activities and keep this; the hub of information, as up to date as possible.

An unfortunate side effect of this has been the loss of news articles / archived works from our previous site as it would have taken too many hours adapting them to fit this new site, so a lot of old links won’t work and will simply redirect back to the main page. We apologise for this inconvenience.

Additionally, as this is a new site we anticipate there being some bugs in the system, so if you do encounter an issue please let us know here

Thanks for being part of our community 🙂

The Castleland Team

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