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We support freelancers & the self-employed.


    £10.00 PM

    One desk day pm + our benefits pack.

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    Get legal support, cash flow management and a host of business and leisure benefits as well as a chance to be part of a growing network of independent workers across the UK and Ireland.

  • Membership @ Indycube Community

    Indycube is a co-operative working across the UK to change the way we all do business, and ensure that no one is left behind. By becoming a member, you can demonstrate your commitment to cooperation and help drive forward equality for the self-employed in the UK.

    a co-operative, we’re guided by an active community of members who share our values and shape our strategic direction, scrutinise our activities, increase our influence and ensure that we’re a consistent voice for the self-employed in Wales and across the UK.

    Why become a member?

    Indycube membership is for people and organisations who are passionate about independent working and self employment rights and want to:

    • Make a difference by supporting our bid to make the world a fairer place for the self-employed
    • Play a full part in the work of Indycube and participate in its democratic processes
    • Utilise our coworking spaces and meeting room facilities across Wales and the UK
    • Demonstrate your commitment to shaping a world that is fair and equitable to all, including the self-employed, gig workers and independent workers
    • Gain access to our tailor-made benefits pack inclusive of legal support, HR advice and lifestyle discounts
    After you've joined
    • You can book a desk day and get access to our full suite of discounts and user benefits
    • You’ll receive regular updates about ways in which you can get involved in the Indycube Community network
    • You’ll have opportunities to connect with other members, share your story via our blog & social media and be part of a wider network of UK freelancers
    • You’ll be consulted about Indycube’s strategic direction, and have opportunities to influence our policy work
    • You’ll be invited to attend our AGM and have opportunity to stand for election to the board
    • You’ll have the opportunity to use our coworking spaces and other facilities
    • You’ll become a shareholder within the organisation
    Our aims
    • To deliver the UK’s first membership organisation for independent workers providing support services and campaigning on behalf of our members.
    • To connect people and places by developing our network of coworking spaces enabling people to work where they want, when they want.
    • To work with partners to continue to provide philanthropic business development support to our members through both financial investment and training, mentoring and informal knowledge transfer.
    • To support the communities that we operate in to make sure local small businesses and independent workers have access to open, friendly and adequate office space and facilities.

Pay As You Go days are bookable for £12 + VAT per day