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Room details

Our primary meeting room, seats a comfortable 12 people on our large oval meeting table and has access to free WiFi and a Whiteboard.

A great room for committees, craft groups and training courses.
It is also quite popular as a consultation room, for mediation or even as a waiting room for existing clients.

Galahad is on a permanent hire contract for the forseeable future and is unavailable to be booked
Price : £10.00/£8.00 (per hour)
Capacity : 12

Available addons

The below addons can be added to the cart before checkout for this room.
Mobile Projector (£ 5.00)
TV & Blu-Ray Player (£ 5.00)
Urn (£ 3.00)
Flichart & Pad (£ 2.50)
Room Setup (£ 5.00)
Storage Shelf (£ 5.00)
Cafe Services (£ 0.00)
Tea / Coffee (£ 1.00)

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