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Room details

Situated on the first floor, the hall is able to accommodate larger groups and is a popular choice for parties The sprung floor is also suitable for sports and dance activities providing music equipment upon request and a small charge.

If you are looking for a more local conference/training venue, the main hall will more than suit your needs and is readily accessible from the town centre and Barry station.
Price : £17.50/£14.00 (per hour)
Capacity : 100

Available addons

The below addons can be added to the cart before checkout for this room.
Amp & Speakers (£ 0.00)
Mobile Projector (£ 5.00)
Soft Play (£ 5.00)
TV & Blu-Ray Player (£ 5.00)
Urn (£ 3.00)
Flichart & Pad (£ 2.50)
Room Setup (£ 5.00)
Storage Shelf (£ 5.00)
Cafe Services (£ 0.00)
Tea / Coffee (£ 1.00)

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