We are back and taking bookings.

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that Castleland Community Centre is now open and receiving bookings.

We have made some adjustments to the centre to allow for the safest possible return of groups and advise anyone who is thinking on running a group to familiarise yourselves with the Welsh Government COVID19 Guidance before considering a return to attending or running group activities.

What is returning?

What can't return yet?

How it will work

If you are a group leader there are a few things you will need to know before returning to running groups:

  1. During your first session (or arranged with us beforehand) you will need to complete a User Agreement / Risk Assessment Sheet related specifically to COVID19 
  2. You will be responsible for your attendees behaviour and must ensure they follow the COVID19 guidelines
  3. You will need to keep records of your attendees for track & trace purposes
  4. Masks and the use of the sanitizer stations should be encouraged to all of your attendees attending your activity

There are a number of changes to how the Food Share programme will run. 

  1. It will now run at the rear entrance of the centre 
  2. Queuers will be required to follow social distance guidelines(~2m apart)
  3. Masks will be required to enter the centre (No exceptions)
  4. Only one person will be allowed in at a time
  5. We will no longer be able to provide any plastic bags so remember to bring your own

If you do not have a mask you will be able to purchase a disposable one on premises at a cost.

Those not following the guidelines will be asked to leave and repeated offenders may face a permanent ban from the service.

We appreciate that some may need this service now more than ever, so we are taking every precaution we can to ensure people’s safety.

If you feel you cannot abide by the above rules, or you are suffering any of the known symptoms of COVID19, please do not attend.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, we must stay vigilant to ensure everyone’s safety. With that in mind here is what will be expected of anyone coming into the centre to use it for any purpose.

  • Any COVID19 related signs, stickers and instructions must be followed at all times when in the centre
  • In communal areas, masks must be worn and where you can you should stay at least 1 – 2m apart.
  • Make a note of hand sanitizer positions and use them frequently
  • Follow all staff instructions if given
  • If you suspect you or an attendee of the centre may have symptoms, please let us or your group leader know immediately


You can go here to see a list of currently confirmed returning groups.

Thank you very much for your patience and we hope to work with you to make running your groups as easy as possible during these difficult times.

Stay safe!

How to book?

With our online booking system temporarily disabled, you can book the following ways:

  • Pop into the centre yourself and speak to the manager
  • By telephone (01446 701285 / 403549)
  • By Facebook Messenger
  • By using the form below

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