Sheila’s Diary #17

Monday 7th March, 2016

I got up at 06:30 for the holiday. I got ready, the taxi called for me at 07:20, drove me to Broad Street and the coach was there. Then we went to Cardiff West Services where I bought a colouring book and pencils, chocolate and Ribena. Later, we went to Newport and picked up more people, we were going along the motorway and so I had a sleep. We went to Strentham Services where I had pancakes with Blueberry and Strawberry Compote and they were lovely. There was a huge traffic jam on the motorway with lots of lorries as there was a crash so we were all held up. For the meal I had Fishcakes followed by Turkey with mushroom sauce and potatoes. In the evening, I phoned College Fields to say we all arrived here safely We played bingo and T.V. Themes, I won a box of Milk Tray chocolates, we then had another game of bingo, I only needed one more number but somebody else won instead and we then played another game now famous logos. The breakfast was at 08.30 and the trip to Southport was at 09.30. Later on we had Karaoke, it was really good, a lady got up and sang ‘everything I do, I do it for you’, it was a great night and we got up to dance later on.

Tuesday 8th March, 2016

For breakfast I had Coco Pops with hot milk, bacon, eggs, sausage, beans and toast, followed by toast and jam with coffee. We are going to Southport today, we meet back at 14:00 at Atkinsons Library and the evening meal is at 18:00. I went around different shops, I went to Funland and had a Cheese and Ham Panini, I bought 2 bookmarkers and postcards and I had a banana milkshake with cream. We caught the coach back to the hotel and for the evening meal I had orange juice, braised beef, potatoes, cauliflower cheese and carrots, followed by apple and toffee pie with cream. Later we played bingo, a quiz and we chose a number as there was a pig race on the T.V. but mine fell over. A man who had a birthday sang Karaoke, it was a great night.

Wednesday 9th March, 2016

I had coco pops, sausage, egg, hash browns, beans and tomatoes, then I had toast and apricot jam. We went around Blackpool, we went to B & M shop, Poundstretcher and other shops. Kerrie had a headache so she went back to the hotel later on. For lunch I had a chicken and bacon jacket potato with a side salad. In one of the shops I bought some socks and flannels. I went to the Winter Gardens as there is a nice show on that I had a leaflet about. I met Jehovah’s Witnesses and I had a photo with the lady. In the evening I had chicken soup, pork chops, saute potatoes, green beans, gravy and apple sauce followed by jam sponge and custard. We played bingo and a game called Hoy with the cards.

Thursday 10th March, 2016

I had coco pops, scrambled eggs on toast. We set out at 09.30 to Liverpool. I went to McDonalds with Kerrie and her Auntie and I had chicken nuggets and chips. Later we went to a couple of shops, I bought a scarf with the beatles on it which cost £6.00, I went to the gift shops, to the Beatles experience shop and bought a bookmarker and pencils. Later on I went to The Liverpool Museum, it was a huge place, I had a photo by Billy Fury’s statue and by statues of The Beatles and I took a photo of the Liver Bird’s building, it was a lovely day out. We caught the bus back at 14:50 and  I had a sleep on the coach, it was a lovely day out. For the evening meal I had lentil soup, sausage and mash, peas with onion gravy, followed by raspberry ripple ice cream. We are now in the lounge for entertainment, we played a few games of bingo and I only needed one number but someone else shouted house The man who was there tonight said “are there any requests?” so I asked for ‘Thank you for the music; and he put it on and I had 2 lagers, cider and black and a coke, it was a great night.

Friday 11th March, 2016

I packed my final things to take home, for breakfast I had coco pops with warm milk, scrambled eggs on toast and coffee. I had a photo with Pavol and another with Carol. We left the hotel at 08:50. I fell asleep and had a dream, I hoped Alan liked his hat then I woke up and saw all the lorries and wondered where I was. We went along the motorway and later stopped at another services where I bought a bakewell tart and a map, I could see the sign for Gloucestershire. We arrived in Newport at 14:20, later on we arrived at Cardiff West services and changeover at 15:00. Everyone got out at Cardiff West  and I was the only one left on the coach to go back to Barry, Broad Street. I arrived back in Broad Street at 16:00 and went to Helen’s and had tea with her, then I had a taxi home again.
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