Sheila’s Diary #6

Saturday 25 August 2012 We didn’t come along to the Fun Day there were a couple of heavy showers. In the afternoon I went to a table top sale at Victoria Park Hall, I bought a few nice things and I won the raffle prize a watch. Sunday 26 August 2012 I went to church at the Cadoxton Methodist Church the children sang a few of their hymns and showed us the things which they made in the summer holiday. Alan stayed home, because he has a bad cold. Monday 27 August 2012 I went to the crochet and knitting group, we are all doing well. Next week we will be at Salem Hall, because they will be decorating the hall. Tuesday 28-8-2012 I bought some medicine for Alan’s cold. His cold is bad and he is feeling weak, so I am helping him out. In the afternoon I had a long walk down Coldbrook Road East, a lady at the end house said she would take my photograph, she had a huge house. I sat at her picnic table and she took my photo and one photo by her flowers. Then I came back and sat on a bench for a while. Wednesday 29-8-2012 I didn’t go along to the extend exercise today, becauseit’s pouring with rain. Later on I went to a coffee morning, stayed there for a couple of hours. In the afternoon it cleared up and I went to one of the parks. Thursday 30-8-2012 I went to a few shops, bought the papers for Alan. In the afternoon I made some cakes and iced them all. Our cat Bella went into the garden, she loves to go out there. Friday 31-8-2012 I am busy today doing my diary. Jane and Tania will call to see me later on. I bought some sponges in for today a madeira and a chocolate one. Eileen bought me some lovely flowers they are from everyone and a card which I will open tomorrow. I gave Eileen her card and present, she will open on the 2nd September. We are all looking forward to the Fashion Show tonight. I phoned Gail’s mum to let her know that she will be able to come along as well. Saturday 1-9-2012 I went to Springbank Nursing Home to see Mam, Gail came along as well. We sat outside because it’s a lovely sunny day. I showed them my birthday cards and different presents. In the afternoon I met Jane at the bus stop by Morrisons, then we went around the different stalls at the Waterfront, and went along to see the Tall Ship. A couple of groups were on the stage, at different times in the afternoon. Later on we caught the bus back from Morrisons, but Jane stayed on the bus to Cardiff. Sunday 2-9-2012 I went to the Cadoxton Methodist Church, they all sang Happy Birthday to me, then we all had tea and coffee after the service. I bought Alan the Sunday papers on the way back. He will come along next week, when he is better. Monday 3-9-2012 I went along to the Salem Church Hall to the crochet and knitting group. We had a nice morning, we are there for a couple of weeks, because they are busy decorating the Age Concern Hall. Tuesday 4-9-2012 I went around a few shops. Later on I went for a walk, and sat in the park in the sunshine. Wednesday 5-9-2012 We went along to church to a communion service, then later on we had a coffee morning in the small hall. It was a nice morning, then we went along to Vere Street, and had fish bites with chips, it was a nice meal. In the evening a friend Gail called, we went along to the Cadoxton Hall to Line Dancing. It was a good night, but some of the dances were quite hard to do, so we watched some of them, and joined in with the other ones later on. Then Gail came back to the house and caught a taxi back home again. Thursday 6-9-2012 I went to the lane and picked some blackberries I also have cooking apples home, so I will make a blackberry and apple pie tomorrow. I will buy a new pie dish in town. Friday 7-9-2012 I am busy again today with my diary. I have bought the pie dish today, so we will be having the blackberry and apple pie tonight for tea. Saturday 8-9-2012 I’m not going to see Mam today at the nursing home because I have to get over my cold, I will go along to see Mam on Thursday. Sunday 9-9-2012 We went to Cadoxton Methodist Church in the morning, they sang Happy Birthday to Alan. I did some shopping in the afternoon, then I went along to Victoria Park, there were a couple of groups there on the bandstand. I met a friend Helen there and sat with her and her family. Later in the afternoon I came back home and had a rest before tea. Sunday 9-9-2012 We went to church and they sang Happy Birthday to Alan. We went along to Victoria Park in the afternoon, there were a couple of choirs there, one choir were called Voices in the Park, I sang along with them last year, they sang some lovely songs. Later on a man dressed like Elvis sang different Elvis songs and a couple of men got up and danced with him. It was a great afternoon, a nice crowd were there as well. In the evening we had a nice meal, Hunters Chicken in gravy with potato wedges it was delicious. Monday 10-9-2012 Today it is Alan’s birthday, he had some nice cards. We caught a bus over to Barry Island. We went to Finnegan’s Bar for a meal, we both had Gloucester Sausages, mashed potatoes and gravy, with lagers. Then we walked around Barry Island for a while. Later on we caught the bus home. We went along to Londis Shop and the people who work there gave Alan a birthday card, I bought a couple of ciders there. Tuesday 11-9-2012 I went around a few shops. Wednesday 12-9-2012 We went to a coffee morning in Cadoxton. Later on I went along to a few shops. In the evening I went Line Dancing in the church hall, it was a nice night. Some of the dances are quicker and harder to do than the others, so I have a rest and watch some of them. Thursday 13-9-2012 I went along to see Mam at Springbank Nursing Home , it’s a sunny day so we sat outside. Her eyes are a bit better now so that’s good. In the afternoon I went down the lane at Coldbrook Road West to see Pam who lives at Church Terrace by the Old Village Church. I took some photos to show her, of both of us, she liked them and would like copies of them for herself. I will see her again on Friday 28 September at 4 o’clock. Friday 14-9- 2012 Today I am busy again typing out my diary of the week. That’s all for now
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