Sheila’s Diary #7

Saturday 13-10-2012 I didn’t see Mum today I have to get better. I will see Mum on Monday. Sunday 14-10-2012 We went to church today. I had my cough sweets with me, in case I needed them. We sang some nice hymns. On the way back we sat in the park. Monday 15-10-2012 I didn’t go to the Age Concern today for knitting and crochet, I went along to see Mum. I took crocheted mats which I made and gave them to the residents, and one to Glenda the nurse and her daughter, they were pleased with them. Tuesday 16-10-2012 I stayed home today, went to a couple of shops, then I had a read and did some crochet. Wednesday 17-10-2012 We went to a coffee morning in the church, then I went along to the mind shop and took some coats to them. Thursday 18-10-2012 I went to the Lidl Supermarket and bought a few things. In the afternoon I sorted some things out for the new wardrobe. In the evening we ordered 2 chicken omelettes with chips, and sprits drinks from Broad Street, Barry. Friday 19-10-2012 I am busy again today with my diary. Monday 29-10-2012 We set out for our holiday, the taxi driver called to our house and we went to Cardiff. Then we caught the coach to Cardiff Gate from the Philharmonic. I had a sleep for a while on the coach. We went to a service place and had muffins and coffee. We were pleased when we arrived at our hotel the Georgian Hollies Hotel. For the evening meal we had fruit juice, I had braised steak with new potatoes, then we had Jam Roly Poly with custard. In the evening we went to the entertainment. We played bingo there was a singer, he was really good and we bought his C.D. Tuesday 30-10-2012 We had grapefruit for breakfast and toast with jam. Then we caught the coach to Southport. We went to a nice place. The waitresses were dressed in white aprons. We had cheese, bacon and tomato toasted sandwiches with side salad. Then we went and bought a walking stick for Alan. The evening meal, we had Celery Soup, gammon, pineapple and chips. We were tired so we missed the evening entertainment. Wednesday 31-10-2012 We were pleased with our photo, it is lovely. For breakfast we had porridge, then sausage, bacon, scrambled egg and tomatoes it was nice and we had tea. We are all going to the Lake District today. We are passing beautiful scenery, we saw lots of sheep, it’s nice to see the different colours on the trees. When we arrived we went to a gift shop and we bought a few souvenirs and an umbrella which we needed. We caught the boat which leaves at ¼ to 1 and had a couple of photos taken, by a couple who were sitting further over. We are looking forward now to our boat trip, we took photos of the boats when we went past. The river is quite rough, with the waves quite choppy. We met a man from Poland who helps out on the boat. The rain is heavy now, it’s pouring down. We went to the gift shop and bought a few things. We had an apple pie with cream and tea, then I bought a few things from the gift shop. We had a long ride back, it was an hour and a half. For our evening meal we had Asparagus Soup, lamb chops, boiled potatoes, roasties, kidney beans and gravy. Then we had lemon sponge and cream. In the evening we went on our coach around to see the illuminations, the lights are beautiful, they go for about four miles, some were like crowns, all lit up, some were, to do with mermaids, under the sea and all lit up. On the side of the road were more lights, they had teddy bears, for the teddy bears picnic, Egyptians, and lots of other things. It was lovely. Tomorrow we will do some shopping and then go to the winter gardens and to the Blackpool Tower. Thursday 1-11-2012 We had porridge for breakfast and then went to a few shops and we went to the Winter Gardens we met Olive and her brother there. Two men were singing they were called Pineapple Jack, they were really good. We bought a few of their D.V.D.s. Then we went to the Blackpool Tower and had coffee on 5th floor. We bought some souvenirs. We had a nice evening meal, mushroom soup, I had meat pie, with mashed potatoes and peas, Alan had Cod and Chips, our friends gave us some pens. We are at table 37 I told them about the lady from Bradford who was like my Nan, who I met yesterday and her room was number 37. Friday 2-11-2012 We packed our cases, later on Alan took our cases downstairs. For breakfast we had porridge, toast and jam and tea. We left the hotel at 9.30. We said goodbye to Olive and Norman on our table, the waitress Anna and also the mother and daughter. We saw the signs for Preston, Clitheroe, and Blackburn. There are lots of lorries on the motorway and we are passing the fields. We saw the Warrington sign and Birmingham. We saw all the horses in the field, they had coats on the keep them warm. It was nice to see all the sheep in the field, we passed the sign for Stoke –on-Trent and Derby. When we got home it was between ¼ past or ½ past 3. We were pleased to be home again. Saturday 3-11-2012 I had breakfast and then went back to bed again, it takes a while to get over a long journey. Later on we went to see Charlotte and her family and gave them all the rock, they were pleased with the rock. Then I went to Bridge Street Store and gave Meera the rock and tower souvenir she’s pleased and gave me some free sweets. Then I went to Sai Stores, in Colbrook Road East and gave them the rock and snow shaker with donkey in it for Nina, they were pleased. Sunday 4-11-2012 We didn’t go to church today, we are still tired after our journey. For dinner we had a Chicken Casserole it was lovely. Monday 5-11-2012 I didn’t go to knitting and crochet today, I went to Bridgend. I went to Ginnys’ Tearooms and had Cawl Soup with bread and butter it was delicious. Later on I went around a few shops, I bought some wool to make another scarf. When I got home Chris called to see us and I gave her some games for her grandchildren. Tuesday 6-11-2012 For our meal we had Kievs, chips, beans and sausages. I caught a taxi and went to see Mam at Springbank Care Home, she liked the Blackpool Snow Shaker and Bell. Wednesday 7-11-2012 We went along to a coffee morning in the Cadoxton  Church Hall. I gave them the custard creams, later on I went to Bridge Street Stores and bought a few things. Thursday 8-11-2012 I went along to Laleston Stores to pay bills, the lady was pleased with the Turkish delight, she said they’re her favourites. In the afternoon we stayed in and had a few games of cards. Friday 9-11-2012 I caught the taxi to town, I called to see the friends at Q.S. shop and gave them biscuits which I bought from here. I am busy again today with my diary. Saturday 17-11-2012 I stayed in today because of my cold. Sunday 18-11-2012 I am staying in today. We had soup for dinner. In the afternoon I had a sleep. Then watched T.V. later on. Monday 19-11-2012 I went to the knitting group. I am busy making scarves for friends and family for Christmas. Tuesday 20-11-2012 I am getting a bit better now, so I caught the bus to Cardiff. I went to Marks and Spencers and bought some gift sets with my vouchers. I went to the Louis Restaurant in St Mary Street and had Cottage Pie, peas and gravy and a cider with blackcurrant. Later on I bought a few more presents a nice blue and white jumper for Mum and a couple of other things. Wednesday 21-11-2012 I went to extend exercise at Age Concern, it was nice to see them again, Later on I came back to the church hall in Cadoxton for a meal. I had Pea and Ham Soup, then a pudding and cream. It was a nice meal. Thursday 22-11-2012 I stayed in today because of the weather it’s windy and later on there was heavy rain. Sheila
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