Sheila’s Diary #16

Friday 8th August, 2014 I was busy with the shredding at the Drop In Centre. Saturday 9th August, 2014 I went along to see Bill at Springbank Nursing Home. Sunday 10th August, 2014 It is raining heavily today,  so I decide I will go to church next week. Monday 11th August, 2014 I went along to the Crochet and Knitting Group where I am busy making a scarf. Tuesday 12th August, 2014 I went to the Loco Shop and paid the gas and electric bills. I went and looked around a few other shops as well. Wednesday 13th August, 2014 I went to the coffee morning in the church cafe. Thursday 14th August, 2014 I went to the Computer E-mail class in Cadoxton and  I was busy there. In the evening I went to the Gibbonsdown Hall to the exercise class. Friday 15th August, 2014 I went along to the vet’s with my cat Bella and they said she will have to have a couple of teeth out in two weeks time. Saturday 16th August, 2014 I went to see Bill at Springbank but he wasn’t very well. I then went into Cardiff and there were different dancers in the street. Later on, there was a carnival from Churchill Way and along Queen Street and by the time they got to Queen Street it was pouring with rain. Sunday 17th August, 2014 I went to Rita’s and I had cottage pie with roast potatoes, carrots, kidney beans and gravy and  Yvonne came along as well. Later on, I went around to Yvonne’s and we sat in her garden. Monday 18th August, 2014 I went along to Age Concern and saw the ladies for the Knitting and Crochet Group,  it was a nice morning. Tuesday 19th August, 2014 I went around a few shops. Wednesday 20th August, 2014 I went to Cardiff and met Jane outside the Heath Hospital where  I saw the doctor, he put drops into my eyes and it stung for a little while though  he said the pressure was all right. Later, Jane and I went to the Principality Building Society, and had cakes and coffee. There was a man in the street with a statue of a doll which was playing an accordion and it was really good. Later on we went to John Lewis and I had a cheese scone with butter and a cappuccino. Thursday 21st August, 2014 I caught the taxi to the Hub, YMCA. We got on the Mini Bus and went to MacArthur Glen Shopping Centre and  I went around all of the shops where  I bought a pink flower headband, a new patterned waistcoat, flake chocolates, a couple of packets of biscuits and some books for Alan and myself. Later on we all went to Blangarw House, I took a group photo and I also took a couple of photos of the ducks in the pond. Later on we all went into the house and had a selection of tuna, cheese, egg and ham sandwiches, there was a huge Victoria Sponge cake and a mixture of other cakes, it was a nice afternoon. Friday 22nd August, 2014 I am busy again today with my diary and  I bought some birthday bags for my presents from Gail and Tanya.  
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