Sheila’s Diary #3

Monday 2nd July 2012 On Monday I went along to Age Concern to the knitting and crochet group. I used my new wool which I bought from Llandiloes. I made a coaster for the table. I also started a blanket with other wool , which is pink and sparkly and white wool as well. When the blanket is finished I will give it to mum. Tuesday 3rd July 2012 On Tuesday we went around the market, I bought a couple of umbrellas because it poured with rain. Then we went to see my friend Rosalind in the church cafe and book shop. I bought a couple of books from there, and Alan bought a card for me for my anniversary. Wednesday 4th July 2012 I went along to extend exercise at age concern, we all enjoy doing the exercises. Then we all had a drink, today I had drinking chocolate. In the afternoon we met Jane at the Crossway Church Hall, we all had tea and later on a quiz. In the evening I went with Alan along to the Cadoxton Conservative Club. I did line dancing upstairs, we enjoy doing the different dances, and Alan had a few drinks downstairs with his friends. Thursday 5th July 2012 Today is our Wedding Anniversary, we had a few nice cards. I bought Alan a new satin shirt, and a couple of books. My friend Jane bought Alan a couple of puzzle books. We went to the launderette in Vere Street, they said call back in a couple of hours for it. We called back after a couple of hours, then they phoned a taxi for us. In the evening we went to the Glenbrook Inn for a meal. We both had prawn cocktail, followed by Glenbrook Chicken with bacon, barbecue sauce, and cheese melted on top, with chips. It was a lovely meal. Later on we had a quiz, there was a picture quiz, we all had to guess the people. Later on we had a music quiz, we had to guess the name of the singers, or the different songs. Our team lost, but we won a lager, the winning team they put a crown on the man. We all had a nice evening, and then caught a taxi home. Friday 6th July 2012 I am here today writing my diary, and there will be more news next week. See you next week Sheila
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