Sheila’s Diary #28

Saturday 20 August 2016

I met Gail at College Fields Nursing Home and we had a meal with Alan.

We had sausages, potato croquettes and beans.

I went to the Springbank Summer Fete where I had candy floss and popcorn.

There was a chocolate fountain and I danced with Angela.

Sunday 21 August, 2016

I went to Parkside Church and Peter came along as well.

We had a nice morning, then I went to Peter’s.

We had corned beef pasties, potato wedges and sauce.

Monday 22 August, 2016

I phoned Springbank Nursing Home.

They said that dad’s friend Mr Reid had died, which was sad news.

Tuesday 23 August, 2016

I went to see Karen but it’s a boiling hot day today.

 I caught the bus, got off at St. Paul’s Avenue and walked up the hill to Springbank Nursing Home.

I played bingo and I won for two ladies.

Wednesday 24 August, 2016

I went to castaways group and I won the raffle.

I also won bingo twice.

For lunch I had sausages, egg and chips and then pancake and ice cream.

Thursday 25 August, 2016

I was busy again today at the Dinas Powis library.

I was scanning and stamping the books.

Phil showed me the children’s books with the different stickers.

Friday 26 August, 2016

I went down town today.

I bought a hunters chicken panini from Thompson Street and sat by the civic offices.

Saturday 27 August, 2016

I had a meal with Gail and Alan bacon, egg and chips and fruit and cream.

Sunday 28 August, 2016

I went to Parkside Church, it was a nice morning and we sang some nice hymns.

Monday 29 August, 2016

I saw Peter and had tea in his house.

We had chicken with stuffing, cabbage, roasties, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

Tuesday 30 August, 2016

Peter met me at Treharne Road and we went to Home Bargains where we caught the coach to Tenby.

We went to the market and had cheese and beans jacket potato with lettuce and coleslaw.

We had photos taken and on the coach Peter took a video as the coach was moving along.

I bought bookmarkers, pens and postcards.

We had a nice ice cream but it started to melt so we had to get a couple of tubs.

Peter lost his hat but found it up the road.

Wednesday 31 August, 2016

Carys called to see me in the morning and gave me a lift down town.

I met Tanya at the Vinyl Frontier Café and we had tea and welsh cakes.

It was nice to see her again.

When I went back I made cakes for tomorrow.

Thursday 1 September, 2016

I went to see Alan but he was in bed today.

The doctor called to see him.

It’s my birthday today and Karen called to see me in the afternoon.

Later on Jane called to see me and we had sausage rolls, tomatoes and the cakes with a cup of tea.

I took presents to Max for her birthday.

On the way back I met Jackie and I gave her cakes for her and her boyfriend.

Leigh phoned and I had a chat with her and her mum.

It was a great day.

Friday 2 September, 2016

I had lovely flowers for my birthday from Eileen and friends.

I had a jewellery box from Derek and family and a couple of nice cards.

I gave Eileen her birthday present, a nice tea towel from Tenby and a card.

I am busy again today typing out my diary.

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