Sheila’s Diary #24


Sunday 17 July, 2016

I went to Parkside Church today, it was nice and then I had a lift home with Linda and Roy.

It’s very hot today.

Monday 18 July, 2016

I went around the town today.

Tuesday 19 July, 2016

It’s my cousin Paul’s birthday today, he lives in Gloucester, I sent him a nice birthday card which I made for him, I will phone him on Thursday.

I went down town and went around a few shops.

Wednesday 20 July, 2016

The trip to Swansea was cancelled, I went with Peter to Castaways Club and I won biscuits and £5.00 with the bingo.

Later we went to the pebble beach and watched the windsurfers.

Thursday 21 July, 2016

I went to Cardiff and I had a cheese and pineapple jacket potato with a side salad.

I bought a tee shirt for Alan and wool and a pattern for me.

Friday 22 July, 2016

In the evening I called for Rosalind and we went to the Masonic Hall.

Later Helen came along for her surprise 60th birthday party and she had lots of presents.

Sandra Garner came along from the valleys and we had a big buffet, sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls and there was a disco there.

I danced with Lisa and Sandra, lots of photos were taken and it was a great night.

Saturday 23rd July, 2016

I went over to Barry Island there were hundreds of people there and I had chicken nuggets and chips at Romy’s café.

Later on I had an ice cream on the Prom.

I went along to watch different people on the fairground, one of them went really high and they were all screaming.

I wouldn’t have wanted to go on that one.

Sunday 24th July, 2016

I went to Parkside Church and it was a nice morning.

I had a lift over to Lisa’s Café and I had a beef dinner with vegetables and gravy, it was delicious.

Monday 25th July, 2016

I went down town and I went to the waterfront medical centre about my swollen wrist.

Dr Moore said I have tendonitis, my wrist is swollen and I have fenbid lotion to help it.

Tuesday 26th July, 2016

I stayed home today and I am having a rest.

Wednesday 27th July, 2016

I went down town at the factory shop they put a red and white tee shirt by for my husband Alan, I will pay for it on Friday.

Thursday 28th July, 2016

I stayed in today, in the evening I went to Barry Road and met Marie, Lesley and Rita.

They took me in the car to the New Theatre and we saw Save the Last Dance for me show.

There was lots of singing and dancing in it and lots of people were there.

We had ice creams in the interval, at the finale we all stood up and clapped along to the songs.

It was a great night and we all enjoyed it very much.

Friday 28th July, 2016

Today I am busy with my diary again.

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