Sheila’s Diary #20

Saturday 16 April, 2016

Peter called, then we called for Rosalind and we went to Trinity Spring Fair where we had a nice morning.

Then we went back to Peter’s house and watched War of the World’s D.V.D and we all had pork pies.

Later on Peter brought his keyboard for Rosalind to play and I played it as well.

We took Rosalind home, then we went over the knap, we went to a café where we had scones with jam and cream and a pot of tea and then we walked around the lake.

Then we came back home again it was a nice day.

In the evening I went to St. Cadoc’s church and saw Marian, Pam and Julie and afterwards Colin gave me a lift back home again.

Sunday 17th April, 2016.

I went to Parkside Church, it was a nice morning and I had a lift back home.

Monday 18 April, 2016

I went down town today and looked around the shops.

Tuesday 19 April, 2016

I went to the knitting and crochet group at the library and it was a nice morning.

I had a sausage and egg bap and chips in Thompson Street, it was a nice meal.

There were a couple there with a new baby boy and he was lovely.

I went over to the supermarket where I bought a birth baby boy card and they were pleased with that.

Wednesday 20th April, 2016

It was a nice morning at the Castaways Club in Castleland Community Hall.

I won £5.00 with the bingo and later on £8.00.

Later on I went to Crossway Open Door afternoon and met my friend Rosalind there.

Thursday 21st April, 2016

I went to the doctors at the Waterfront Medical Centre where I saw Dr. Davies about my bad knee and I had some tablets to help with the pain.

I had a sleep in the afternoon and Lucky was by my side.

Friday 22nd April, 2016

I am busy again today with my diary.

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