Sheila’s Diary #11

Saturday 6 April 2013 I went to see Mum at Springbank Nursing Home and met my friend Gail there. It was nice to see Mum, and next time the carer said to take some more socks up for Mum. Sunday 7 April 2013 We went to church today, we sang some nice hymns. I’m borrowing a book about Cliff Richards from the library. Monday 8 April 2013 I went to an exercise class at Castleland Community Hall, five of us were there. It was a nice class. We had some weights for exercising our arms. On the way out I met Del and his friend. In the evening I went to St Richard Gwyn School to the Zumba Class, we were all in the hall outside which they call the barn. There were loads of people there, we all enjoy the dances. Tuesday 9 April 2013 I went around a few shops. Wednesday 10 April 2013 I went line dancing at St. Pauls Hall. It was a nice morning, then I went with the ladies to Hubanas and I had a beer shandy. Then I went to the Blue Deli and had Cheese and Bacon Omelette and a Coke, it was a lovely omelette. Thursday 11 April, 2013 I went around a few shops. We played a few card games. For our meal we had stew which was nice. Friday 12 April, 2013 I am busy again today with my diary and also I will be doing some leaflets later on. I’m busy again with my diary. We did work about Margaret Thatcher today. Saturday 13 April, 2013 I went to see Mum today. It was nice to see her again. Sunday 14 April, 2013 We didn’t go to church today. Monday 15 April, 2013 I went to exercise at Castleland Community Hall. It’s a nice group, in the evening I went to the Zumba Class at the School Hall. Tuesday 16 April, 2013 I went to Cardiff to see Jane my friend. We went to the Pulse bar, Jane had ham, egg and chips and I had chicken, cheese melt with barbecue sauce and chips. We went around a few shops. Wednesday 17 March, 2013 My friend called with some nice birthday presents for Mum and a card. Thursday 18 March, 2013 We went to see Mum, and I gave her the birthday presents. She’s had some lovely things. I went to the doctors because I have been getting dizzy spells. He took my blood pressure and it’s allright, he said in the morning sit down a few minutes before I walk around the room. Friday 19 March, 2013 I am staying in today and resting. Alan’s friends are putting up the new shed. Saturday 20 March, 2013 I will see Mum next Saturday. I sat in Iolo Park and had a read, it’s a nice sunny day today. Sunday 21 March, 2013 I went to church today. I gave one of the ladies sweets for the Sunday school. Monday 22 March, 2013 I’m going to the exercise class again today at Castleland Community Centre. It was a nice morning 6 of us were there today. We do some good exercises and the music is nice. Tuesday 23 April, 2013 I went around a few shops today. Wednesday 24 April, 2013 I went to extend exercise today. There were 16 of us there today. It was a nice morning, I weighed the same as last month. In the evening I went to a quiz at the King William IV pub. I sat with a group, it was a great night. We had a picture quiz and later questions. The lady came around with chips, chicken pieces and a dip. There were 10 teams, our team came 8th, Alan will come along in two weeks time , when he is better. Thursday 25 April, 2013 It’s a cold day today I’m staying in today. In the afternoon I made some rock cakes for tomorrows party. In the evening I went to Zumba at the school, there were lots of people there. Friday 26 April, 2013 I am busy again today with my diary. I have bought rock cakes, for the birthday party at the Open Learning today, and a puzzle book and deodorant and body spray for Herbies birthday present.
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