Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Agreement

During the course of your voluntary work confidential information may be revealed. This could be project/service users home address, telephone number or personal details about their life circumstances. The information may be given during conversation or in written form.

It is important for users of Castleland Community Centre to feel confident that information they give will not be passed on to anyone without their permission. It is equally important for users of Castleland Community Centre to feel confident in giving us this information so we can deliver the best possible service. This also applies to information regarding staff & the work processes on behalf of Castleland Community Association.

We ask all volunteers within our organisation, to understand the need for confidentiality and agree to keep information confidential in the organisation and elsewhere.


I do willingly promise to hold in confidence all matters that come to my attention whilst volunteering with the Drop In Centre Development Trust, including information about any person or organisation using the services of this organisation.

I will respect the privacy of clients, project/service users, other volunteers and staff and confer appropriately with those designated as my supervisors.

I will use all information gained in the course of my service in a responsible manner.

  • I understand that misusing information will lead to suspension or dismissal of my role as a volunteer.
  • I promised to work reliably to the best of my ability and to give as much warning as possible whenever
  • I cannot work when expected

NB: While we recognise that you are free to leave at any time, it would maximise the benefit of your volunteering for both you and the organisation if you could stay for 6 months.