Off with the old…

The centre has new signage to complement the modern interior. Provided by askfrank, a local Barry sign specialist.
The signs are the first stage in upgrading the outside of the building. We think they look really good and Frank has also kindly donated all our internal room signs as a contribution to the project! Support from local traders is very important to us and we would like to thank Frank for this generous gift! After struggling to think up names for our new rooms and hall, one of our staff members sought the help of family and friends and came up with the perfect result! We have named our rooms after the BIG Lottery machines: Guinevere (visitors room), Gawain (community cafe), Galahad (IT suite), Lancelot (small meeting room), Merlin (Study & homework room), Camelot (large meeting room) and Pendragon (new main hall). It’s a perfect way to let people know how the refurbishment was made possible! Well done Mary!
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