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Using our new booking system is a straightforward process, but just in case you aren’t sure what to do, below are some instructional videos to help you through.

  • How to make a Booking

  • Managing your bookings

  • Making repeated bookings

  • Checking Availability

  • You don’t need to sign up to make bookings

    Signing up to Castleland’s site is entirely optional. You can complete the booking form or manage your bookings by using the Check on a booking form on the Bookings page

    From here you simply put your reservation ID and email address into the form to see the details of your booking and to make payments.

  • Check on a booking

    Reservation ID

    Email address

You don’t need a PayPal account to make Online payments

Castleland Community Centre Help guides

PayPal accepts most major debit and credit cards via a secure Guest Checkout option.
Castleland never sees any of your financial information when making online payments.

Castleland Community Centre Help guides
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