Food Share Update @ Castleland

FareShare Cymru recently provided us with a snippet from their article mentioning Castleland and how we temporarily adapted the food service whilst on lockdown. You can read the snippet below:

Another one of our members in the Vale is Castleland Community centre. Since closing down the centre due to COVID-19, they have been redistributing the surplus food from us to individual families and local charities in Barry; Ty Hafan, Atal Y Fro, and Vale of Glamorgan Council Children’s Services.

They help approximately 8-10 families per week with substantial food parcels, making sure the food gets to those most in need, who are struggling financially.

We would like to thank all of our members in the Vale for doing such a great job supporting vulnerable people during a crucial time of need.

Castleland Community Centre Food Share Update @ Castleland FareShare Cymru

Thanks very much to the assistance of Ty HafanAtal Y Fro, VOG and of course FareShare Cymru for helping us continue to deliver the service to at least some of the people out there who really need it during this difficult period.

When will Food Share reopen to the Public?

I’m sure a lot of people who use our food share programme have been curious as to when we will be able to reopen the service and how it will run when it returns given the changing circumstances with the pandemic.

We have been working behind the scenes to plan out the logistics of the service to be more accomodating to the COVID19 social distancing guidelines and will announce the reopening of the service very soon.

Here are the key things that you will need to know for when the service reopens:

These rules are for the safety of everyone using the service and for the volunteers and staff who give up their time to run it. If you feel you cannot agree to the above, then we recommend you find an alternative service.

We will have a definitive date soon for our reopening so follow our facebook page for updates / notifications on when this is announced.

Expect some further information as we get closer to opening. Thanks for your patience !

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