• Castleland Food Share

    • Castleland Community Centre Castleland Food Share
    • Next Session: Wednesday 29th September 14:00


      01446 701285  


      We operate a #FoodShare in conjunction with major supermarkets to provide #Free & discount food to anyone who needs it. Every Wed @ 2pm until the queue dies down. Just bring a bag and a mask, everyone is welcome.
  • Forgotten Families

    • Castleland Community Centre Forgotten Families
    • Next Session: Wednesday 29th September 17:00


      07767 736718  


      We are a local #support group in aid of people caring for #family and loved ones who are suffering with #addiction. We operate in a safe and confidential environment. One on one support is also available. Every Wednesday at 5pm -7pm.
  • Slimrite – Lifestyle Diet

    • Castleland Community Centre Slimrite - Lifestyle Diet
    • Next Session: Wednesday 29th September 18:00

      £12 Total first night. Weekly fee £4  

      Christine Thomson   

      07970 581805  

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      We are here to give support to those who find dieting on their own difficult. The diet is simple to follow, and members achieve excellent weight losses. Wednesdays 6.00pm - 7.00pm weekly at Castleland. #weightloss #slimming
  • Turn’d Up Fitness With Roisin

    • Castleland Community Centre Turn'd Up Fitness With Roisin
    • Next Session: Thursday 30th September 19:00

      Contact group leader  

      Roisin OKelly  

      Not shown  

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      Turn’d Up is way more than a fitness class. It’s teaching women to feel powerful and confident about their bodies and to empower other women. Get your day started right with Turn'd Up with Roisin, every Thurs 7pm - 8pm

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