Sheila’s Diary #15

Saturday 19th July, 2014 Today is my cousin’s birthday and I sent him a card as he lives in Gloucester. I went shopping in a few shops around Cadoxton. Sunday 20th July, 2014 I went to Rita’s Cafe on Main St where I had a tasty chicken dinner with a Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, roast potatoes, broccoli, carrots and gravy. At 11 am I went to Victoria Park to sing hymns, there were four churches there, one group had come all the way from Texas in the USA and we all enjoyed the morning in the park. Monday 21st July, 2014 I went to Age Concern to take part in a knitting and crochet group, it was a nice morning and I am crocheting table mats. I went to a meeting about Alan. In the evening I went to the Tynewydd Inn and a lady called Lesley called for me, it was a bereaved and divorced group. I had chips with cheese sauce melted all over the top, they all had a chat, there were five of us there, about six of them were away though they should be there next week. I drew the raffle ticket and it was number 100 which was my number and  I won biscuits and a notebook and pen. Tuesday 22nd July, 2014 I went around Barry market and I bought a new top which had a tiger on the front and some apple cakes. Later on I caught the Cardiff bus to Llandough as there was a meeting there. I then went along to the Merrie Harrier’s where I had chicken in a white wine sauce, mushrooms and a jacket potato. I then walked back up the hill to catch the bus. Wednesday 23rd July, 2014 I went to the coffee morning at Cadoxton Church Hall. Later I went to Loco Shop and paid the gas and electric bills. In the afternoon I caught the taxi to Crossway Church Hall to go to the party, it was a nice afternoon and we meet up again on 3rd September. In the evening I went to Springbank Nursing Home to the cheese and wine evening,  it was a lovely evening! I was there with a friend, Michaela and we had sausage rolls, sandwiches, crisps and later a cupcake.  We also had Schloer drinks. Simon the manager said there’s room for Alan at Springbank. Michaela gave me a lift home again. Thursday 24th July, 2014 I went over to the shop and paid the rent and T.V. licence. I went around a few shops. I had a breakfast at Rita’s Cafe.  Sausages, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, beans and a cold drink. I saw Poppy and her brother, they are Rita and Graham’s grandchildren and  I have booked a Sunday lunch for this Sunday. Friday 25th July, 2014 I went along to the Sensory Garden and wrote about the garden. I gave Gail her bag with Tenerife on it and butterflies, she liked it. I am also busy writing my diary again today.
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