Butter Fried Chicken added to Food Donations

We are pleased to welcome this new addition to our regular food sharing programme.

We’ve been working hard to expand our list of food donors for the ever increasing demand of our free food programme every Wed & Fri at 2pm.

We are hoping recipients are happy with this new inclusion as we further look at ways to diversify what we can offer whilst also helping to reduce the food waste generated in the UK every year.

The new buttermilk based fried chicken supplies are frozen and come with defrost/cook and storage instructions on every bag and we should be getting a large batch every week

This is open to everyone who needs it and does not require membership fees or food vouchers of any kind. All we ask is that you use the service fairly and let people who would benefit from it know that it is available.

Limits will be applied as stock (like our other suppliers) can vary on a week by week basis, if you have any further questions about the service please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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