Belvedere Park August Catchup!

Avian have been busy in the run up to the Belvedere Park launch on September 20th. Early August they prepared the railway sleepers for the tracks to go on. Then, thanks to our very own volunteer Jane Vernon who put us in touch with a couple (Sue & Dave Deakin), we also managed to acquire genuine rail track to weld the Mine Cart onto. Once that was done, Avian filled the cart with soil and planted a lovely array of perennials to go inside. Whilst this was happening our new front gates were being welded and our volunteer workers Richard and Mike primed them ready for painting. About mid-way through August our lawn area turf arrived and the rest of the month was spent laying that down and preparing the two back areas for slabbing. Whilst that was happening outside, inside our Belvedere Park Co-ordinator was organising a fundraising fashion show with M&Co to help raise some funds for the garden and promote awareness of the project. They managed to raise £312 thanks to the support of M&Co and all of the helpers and volunteer models. There was also a raffle, including a couple of bottles of wine, a jewellery box and free Haircut voucher from local “Steve the Barber”. Overall it was a good month for the project and with the launch date looming, soon people will be able to take a walk around the garden themselves. It’s been a long time coming.
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