Turn’d Up with Turner

Turn’d Up is way more than a fitness class. It’s teaching women to feel powerful and confident about their bodies. It’s teaching women to empower other women. It’s good energy, great vibes and amazing tunes. Come dance with us!

Turn’d Up is a mix of dance, fitness and drama – everything I love, and women love it too. It’s about energy, empowerment and community. So many women tell me it’s the highlight of their week. Plus, you burn 700 to 900 calories in a class! Best of all, you don’t have to have any dance experience to get stuck in. Turn’d Up takes you somewhere that no other class can take you.

It’s like a performance; your own show. The lights go off, the disco lights go on and we go for it!

So, whether you want to dance with us or teach others how to do it, come and get Turn’d Up with us.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Making change on your own is hard, when you do it with like minded people who support and empower you it’s so much fun!


Emma Turner

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