Candys Dance and Burlesque

Castleland Community Centre Candys Dance and Burlesque

We are a group of normal women who get together to dance, shimmey and shake to raise money for charity.

I’ve been teaching dance for over 20 years, and teaching burlesque to my Candy’s troupe for over 10 years, putting on burlesque and dance shows to raise money for cancer charities.

Candyshop came from and idea inspired by a friend and I while we were planning classes. It was 2007 and there wasn’t really much in the way of burlesque in South Wales at the time. The classes were slow to take off but then the film Burlesque hit the big screens and suddenly our classes were full!

I’m passionate about dance and burlesque. It’s a fantastic way to get fit, have fun and improve body confidence. Women of all ages can come along and enjoy my classes, no matter what shape, size or age you are.

Contact Candy via her website Or you can visit the Candy Dance & Burlesque Facebook Page

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